Bet you didn’t know!

Beets were served in space when the astronauts of Apollo 18 met up with their brethren in Soyuz 19. They served borscht.


Hello World! My name is Jose Vazquez a third year Computer Science major student here at San Francisco State University.

I am a Los Angeles native who likes to  play music on my spare time. If anyone ever wants to discuss, share, or recommend any music I am up for the challenge.

I have never been much of a blogger so this is a rather new experience for me. Hopefully I’m not the only one.

But nonetheless I’m excited to discuss the interesting topics, excerpts, novels, and letters Professor Lawrence has begun to introduce.

As many of you might have guessed, yes I do love The Office. Stanley is a respectable role model in my opinion.

A bit more about myself I work as a peer advisor for the Undergraduate Advising Center here on campus or also known as the Gator Aiders. Basketball and volleyball are also kind of my thing. Played volleyball for four years in High School along with club ball. Gave me the opportunity to travel across the beautiful state of California as well as the country which was great adventure.

While we are on the topic of traveling, a dream I have is to study abroad at  Concordia University in Canada if ever given the opportunity.  But only time will tell where this train will take me.

Well its been fun posting this and sharing a little bit about myself with y’all.


Here’s one of my favorite collaborations from Andre 3000 and Norah Jones :